No 4: Ceefax page 340 – RIP Ceefax

Page 340.  We all miss page 340.  Waiting for the scores to update – following a Test match from some far flung location by staring at a flickering screen of text. Pressing hold when it got to the page you wanted. Waiting impatiently for it to flick to the scorecard from the county championship match you are interested in only for it to flick to the sodding Essex match in Ilford that you don’t care about and having to go through the whole cycle of first-class matches to get back to the Middlesex or Yorkshire ones (the only ones I was interested in).

Then there were the times when Ceefax made mistakes with players names rendering you wondering who the frock K Sutch was (K P Dutch in fact) and with no internet to check things it was an entirely random, frustrating but wonderful experience.


It’s gone now but you can still get a bit nostalgic and relive the ceefax memories with this wonderful site


One thought on “No 4: Ceefax page 340 – RIP Ceefax

  1. See, this is the kind of nostalgia I missed out on, although I do of course remember Ceefax, almost right back to it’s inception in the mid-70’s and most of it was extremely frustrating and yet in those days, also totally ‘awesome’!

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