No 11: Tea

It is the immoveable object, no days play can be complete unless Tea is involved. what other sport requires that play stops not just for lunch, but also for a little light sustenance late afternoon?

Tea..or coffee

From the pavilions dotted across the English countryside, to the rather swanky champagne tents at test grounds, the breather taken before the final sessions is essential. As the shadows get that little bit longer, a gentle stroll can be taken to stretch numbing leg muscles. Friends can be caught up with. Scenery can be admired. Scores and performances can be discussed. Most of all, tea/coffee can be drunk and cake can be consumed without fear of offering your neighbours a mixed food shower as a wicket falls.

Cake is the vital ingredient of a cricket tea, as anyone that has sat in a press box will confirm, no tea is complete without it. Even OH who has no sweet tooth at all cannot resist the urge to munch on a slice of battenburg or bakewell when the players troop off for their energy drinks and pep talk.

So come on, all hail the might Tea break, cricket just wouldn’t be the same without it.


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