No 12: The Joy of TMS

Atv_scTCEAAjuaKThe Joy that is TMS (test match special)

Several years ago I went to buy myself a brand new car. The sales man asked me if I had any specific requirements. “Well of course it has to have a radio with long wave on it” He looked perplexed. “For the cricket” I replied. He just nodded vaguely. There is nothing nicer than a long car journey with the prospect of listening to cricket all day long. As some one born in Nottingham and taken to Trent bridge in my pram cricket has always been in my life and I can’t remember not listening to TMS, and it’s as good today as it ever was.
I can just remember listening to John Arlott, those lovely tones in his voice. The partnership of Johnners and Aggers and that leg over incident which is now part of radio folklore. The surprise, for me at how brilliant Tuffers is, love his input. The annoyance of Mr Boycott when he goes off on one, but the pleasure of playing Boycott Bingo!. The delightfulness of Blowers with his pigeons and buses. I remember Foxy Fowler, he made me chuckle. The overseas commentators, I think my favourite is Tony Crozier from the West Indies, but it’s great listening to them all. They are all so knowledgeable and they have fun with it too. I remember Aggers reading a letter out from a Mr Hugh Jarss, don’t who was responsible for that though.
You can’t mention TMS without thinking of CMJ, Christopher Martin Jenkins who sadly recently died. So beloved was he that his memorial service was in St Paul’s Cathedral. I still burst out laughing at the remote control incident ( he brought it instead of his phone)

Commentators may come and go, but I hope we never lose TMS it truly is special.


2 thoughts on “No 12: The Joy of TMS

  1. Listening late into the night from the other side of the world whenever the Ashes were on, I would have to agree, TMS is special. Similarly, summer in Australia is the sound of cricket on the radio- so much so that there was even a song written about it. Many Aussies will listen to the radio while watching the TV because they prefer the commentary.

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