No 18: Pyjama Cricket Kit

The epitome of criketing outfits has to be those slightly cream coloured ‘whites’ that we see everywhere, from the village green to the test arena. In recent years though there has been something of an upstart making its presence felt. With the increased popularity and commercialism of 1 day and T20 cricket, the pyjama kit has become ever more dominant. Whether it’s English county kits, IPL, Big Bash, the colour schemes and branding give us all something to love or loathe in equal measure, and the kids something to pester parents to buy for them. Even the umpires look all bright and cheerful in these shorter formats of the game. There is always a sense of anticipation at the beginning of the season to see what your favourite team will be wearing  under the floodlights this year, as well as the changing styles and colours of your national team.

2013 Middlesex v Essex T20 kits and the umpire.

2013 Middlesex v Essex T20 kits and the umpire.


One thought on “No 18: Pyjama Cricket Kit

  1. No matter the sport, the iconic orange Dutch kit is always awesome.

    The Sunrisers Hyderabad kit, though. What were they thinking putting that together?

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