No 20: Variety of Fans

When I first moved to London from Mumbai, I was fortunate enough to rent a place just outside Lord’s Cricket Ground in St. John’s Wood area. Every single person living in that area, having no idea of cricket, could tell when a cricket match is happening in the ground not because of the noise or sheer crowd but because of a typical ‘Old English Fan’ spotted down in that area with a blue jacket and a golden orange striped tie.

A typical English fan at the MCC

A typical English fan at the MCC

Till date, its one of the most pleasant surprises I ever had as an ardent cricket fan. Really, watching a match with a tie and a suit?? If I have an option, I would not even go to work with a suit. And even the reception to wonderful game at Lords was also the same – applauding with a generous clap on a exquisite cover drive compared to whistles, yelling and dancing seen all over the world.  On the contrary, English Cricket has also an army of fans known as Barmy Army. They yell, they shout and they do all sorts of crazy stuff which one could not imagine at the MCC. It organizes tours and arranges tickets and accommodation for English cricket lovers. 

Barmy ArmyEver heard of becoming popular only by following a team or sport? Apparently, Yes! Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary is an Indian Cricket Fan who watches every game India plays at home. He gets a free ticket provided by the BCCI and even got a chance to hold the trophy when India won the world cup in 2011. His only qualification is that he has dedicated his rest of his life to Indian Cricket.

Sudhir with Sachin & the WC Trophy

Sudhir with Sachin & the WC Trophy

The point which I am trying to make count is that Cricket has endless variety of fan doing endless crazy things. It is a unique sport with not so unique fans. Love you Cricket!!

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