No 27: Nicknames

Cricketing nicknames are usually very unimaginative, and follow these general rules:

  1. shorten the surname to one syllable
  2. add a vowel to the end
  3. if (2) fails, try an ‘s’ or ‘y’ at the end
  4. If these all fail – initials.

But every so often a fantastic nickname comes along. Here are a few of my personal favourites, but I’m sure every fan will have their own:

Marcus ‘Banger’ Trescothick (for his love of sausages – I must say I once stood next in line to Marcus at a breakfast buffet and he seemed remarkably restrained)

Phil ‘Cat’ Tufnell (he could fall asleep anywhere)

Rahul ‘The Wall’ Dravid (an immaculate defence)

Phil ‘The Colonel’ Mustard (obvious reasons)

And I’ll add one from my own cricketing experience – a certain team mate (initials PN), who is known to swear a lot, is known as PFN – I’m sure you can work out what the ‘F’ stands for, although we’ve always told the juniors it’s because PN is a farmer…


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