No 34: A Broken Jaw and One Hand Batting

There have been countless moments in the cricketing history where players have shown superhero characteristics which are somewhat beyond the reach of a normal human. We have seen fielders jumping like monkeys, batsmen showing endurance and patience for hours to save matches and bowlers trying to shatter unimaginable speeds of bullets. One could argue that you could see similar or even more breathtaking events or scenes in other sports. Agreed!!

But since the purest form of cricket (known as test cricket) lasts five days, cricket fans have witnessed much more than in any other sport. Often, players get seriously injured in between the match and at several occasions, have overcome physical pain to go and perform for their country in the field during the match. Two such instances directly come to my mind and I would request all of you to comment below and expand this list.

During the India’s tour of West Indies in 2002, Anil Kumble [Ind] came and bowled with a broken jaw and successfully managed to take wicket of legendary Brian Lara. Sorry, I can’t find a video but you can see the interview here.

Anil Kumble bowling with a broken jaw

Anil Kumble bowling with a broken jaw

Second such instance I could recall instantaneously (though I wasn’t even born back then 😉 ) when Malcolm Marshall [WI] came out and batted with one arm against England in 1984 and successfully scored a boundary. Though his resistance could not last long but he showed his grit to face the fast bowlers even with a broken arm.

Come on fans out there, I request you to contribute more here…


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