Do you love cricket?

Do you play cricket?

Do you watch cricket?

Do you talk about cricket?

Do you want to write about why you love cricket? Then read on…

Inspired by the masterpiece that is 500 reasons to love Football  – the creation of Messr Danny Last, Stuart Fuller and David Hartrick, we thought we’d follow suit.

Rightly, we all enjoy a good moan about everything that’s wrong with the game but here we want to celebrate all the things that makes us love the leather on willow.

This is intended to be a collective.  We welcome contributions from anyone and everyone, fans, players, officials, from any corner of the world, if you’ve got something to add to the list, get in touch to be added as a contributor. You don’t need to be Shakespeare, or even Bumble, just you and your keyboard. Long or short articles are welcome, pictures too, but please make sure you have permission to use any photos. Have fun and enjoy helping us get to 500 and who knows, beyond…

As our list builds, you might find that something you wanted to say or tell us about has already been covered. Fear not, each post has a comments section underneath, simply add your own view of the reason in the comments, every comment will give a wider perspective and enhance that reason. So, no excuses, get your scribbling pencils sharpened and start adding to the site.



or tweet @500RTLCricket or @legsidelizzy

Thanks – and enjoy

The 500RTLC  Team


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